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Joker Joaquin Phoenix Oakland Raiders Shirt 

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In reality, she gave birth to the kid. She is a mother. Again nothing to do with anything except science. If she were to die now, in a couple of hundred years, archeologists will find her and state that this human was a female. you can run from who you are as much as you want, but it doesn’t change the Joker Joaquin Phoenix Oakland Raiders Shirt that you are what you are. Nothing changes that. Dillon Hoang Actually, if we wanna bring science into this, there are some species where the father carries their children to term after conception. Like the Seahorse, for example. Honestly, he identifies himself as a male and wants his child to refer to him as Dad.

Francis, it’s not based on Christian principles though. I don’t know how you are getting that from this. She isn’t a man. She is a woman and she isn’t defined by what’s only between her legs but through her DNA. I haven’t made any argument that is surrounded by religion, politics, etc. it’s simply science-based.

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