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Santa’s Favorite CNA ELF Christmas Shirt 

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I'm pretty sure she didn't do it unilaterally. I'm pretty sure most of the Democratic reps already supported impeachment, and I'm also reasonably sure that Pelosi and Democratic leadership wouldn't have stepped forward it the Santa’s Favorite CNA ELF Christmas Shirt of the caucus wasn't prepared to back it. As a matter of fact, under a representative Democracy, Pelosi is one of those elected to speak for America, as is McCarthy. The difference is that Pelosi and the Democrats didn't abdicate their responsibilities toward the republic.

His behavior, tweets, rally’s and press statements are full of made-up statements you can fact check him daily, that’s why the media reports constantly and he’s been and continues to be investigated. In this day and age of technology, you can check historical facts to see if what he says is true and he’s just not truthful.

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