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Kiss Band Merry Kissmas Shirt

ANNOUNCE!!! Kiss Band Merry Kissmas Shirt is now available at Kingteesshop.


If there is a complaint if is the House's obligation to investigate. The inquiry will consist of both Democrats and Republicans. Only if they find a legal basis will it go to the Kiss Band Merry Kissmas Shirt House. It is time to clean this mess up. If Trump is cleared, good and he can go for a second term. If he is proven to have conducted illegal actions, he should be removed. Guilt will guarantee his not getting re-elected. Being cleared will most likely get him his second term. Impeachment will make Pence President. The GOP will still be in power.

It is disappointing that people who care about the there country will name call and degrade anyone who disagrees with the Toddler in Chief. Especially those who are actually making an attempt to fix the country. These are the good law-abiding citizens who would start a civil war because they made fun of my Orange Diety.

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