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Friends Chiefs I’ll be there for you shirt

ANNOUNCE!!! Friends Chiefs I’ll be there for you shirt is now available at Kingteesshop.


Unelected Judges, however learn-ed or wise, have no mandate to influence matters in the political arena and would set a very dangerous precedent if they crossed this line. In a case, ostensibly about democracy, the Friends Chiefs I’ll be there for you shirt is that this would be the most undemocratic outcome. At last Britishers and BBC news found something to feel happy by framing PM Narendra Modi. And see who is laughing Pakistanis. Seriously whose PM doesn't even have money to fill fuel in his plane, whose PM reached everywhere with a bowl to beg, whose PM is even ready to hold d..k of anyone who is in support of him in the KASHMIR issue.

And what a joke they are making fun of Chandrayaan 2 whose MPs say why to go to the moon when we can see it. And moreover see who are boycotting, and who is reporting explains everything, radical Islamic terror. I wonder if the United States can even declare a religion a terrorist.

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