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Having A Weird Mom Builds Character Shirt

ANNOUNCE!!! Having A Weird Mom Builds Character Shirt is now available at Kingteesshop.


If we crack that nut we have limitless energy. Putting the onus on the regular Joe is not going to work when you have corporations emitting colossal emissions. This religion of climate change is so apocalyptic. I believe the climate is changing. I don't think we have the Having A Weird Mom Builds Character Shirt or capacity to destroy our entire economic system to fight it. I will say drop your iPhones now. Sell your car today or scrap it. Stop using any plastic or oil-based product. China stops polluting at such a rapid rate. Rich people and govt autocrats telling us the world will end immediately change all your behavior.

Don't just offer to pay your way into luxury with a carbon tax. When all this happens I'm in. If our climate is changing, it's not because of this planet's inhabitants, it's changing because we have World Governments who are altering it. Period.

You can see the official design here: Having A Weird Mom Builds Character Shirt


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