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Charmander Pokemon Ugly Christmas Sweater

ANNOUNCE!!! Charmander Pokemon Ugly Christmas Sweater is now available at Kingteesshop.


Started picking grapes at age 6. Same sharp shears as the adults. It was expected that we all help, it was the family business. Not to mention weeding, picking berries, apples, cherries and whatever else there was. Helping with the Charmander Pokemon Ugly Christmas Sweater. And had to have my grades up in school. Learned how to work. I'm better off than a lot of kids nowadays. I am more concerned that the sugar content is roughly 50% by weight. So this product is empty calories and Type 2 Diabetes in a jar. The second major ingredient is Palm Oil, which a worry because of habitat destruction. Kids doing farm work at harvest time is hardly a revelation.

I like the holding hands part. There was just that article recently about toxic masculinity and affection and people are so much more chill in those countries where they kiss on the cheek and hold hands instead of puffing out their chest and acting rude. We had a vineyard.

You can see the official design here: Charmander Pokemon Ugly Christmas Sweater

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