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Straight Outta Vacation Shirt

ANNOUNCE!!! Straight Outta Vacation Shirt is now available at Kingteesshop.


The problem is that this crap started and now anyone can get called a racist, insensitive or disrespectful because one side said it's wrong. Time to move on, but remember to all those saying it's OK because he owned it, remember the Straight Outta Vacation Shirt time it's a conservative and not a liberal. I don’t want to defend this fool, but I also think we all need to realize that there was a time when this was done with no attempts to make fun of Black people. In some cases, I think it was to honor them and their talents. Resign from office, just as you've asked of everyone else who has done this.

Thomas Cook UK Plc and associated UK entities have entered Compulsory Liquidation and are now under the control of the Official Receiver. The UK business has ceased trading with immediate effect and all future flights and holidays are canceled. Dedicated support service is being provided by The Civil Aviation Authority to assist customers currently overseas and those in the UK with future bookings.

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