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Heifer Santa It’s Cold Outside Christmas Shirt

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Justice Willis Van Devanter made perhaps the most famous statement of these powers in McGrain v. Daugherty, a 1927 Supreme Court decision about Mally S. Daugherty, the brother of former Attorney General Harry Daugherty. A select Senate committee issued a subpoena for Daugherty to testify and to also surrender records from an Ohio bank. When Daugherty refused to comply after a second subpoena, the Heifer Santa It’s Cold Outside Christmas Shirt passed a resolution issuing a warrant and authorizing a Senate deputy to take Daugherty into custody. Daugherty filed a habeas petition against his detention. A lower court ruled that the Senate exceeded its powers by detaining Daugherty, freeing him.

HOWEVER, the Supreme Court upheld his conviction, holding that under the Constitution, Congress has the power to compel witnesses and testimony to obtain information in aid of the legislative function. That is awful. No one should treat another with disrespect. On the way home from Hawaii we were held up in the terminal for seven hours.

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