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MeRRy Christmas Ya Filthy Animal Shirt

ANNOUNCE!!! MeRRy Christmas Ya Filthy Animal Shirt is now available at Kingteesshop.


I touched her shoulder and she just about jumped out of her skin. I felt so bad that I had frightened her but told her I wanted to say thank you and bless her for her patience and kindness with so many. She was ever so thankful and I saw tears in her eyes but she was very professional. I am glad it all worked out and I think of her often. It took us last week, 23 hours to get from St. Louis to SFO. The MeRRy Christmas Ya Filthy Animal Shirt thing that was frustrating is when our flight out of O’Hare was delayed, they didn’t let anyone know, no announcement. It would have been nice to know the cause of the delay.

People yelled, screamed threatened and threw their tickets at the attendant instead of being great full they had found something actually coming off the plane they were angry. It took the airlines that much time to find the part and install it. I boarded with the last group and went up to talk to the attendant.

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