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(Na)16 Batman! shirt 

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I can’t believe democrats actually believe themselves. This has gone past the point of being ridiculous. The American people are sick of the democrats and their wild goose chases. Mr. Lewandowski has already been interviewed 3 times. He doesn’t have to answer to anything. Holding him in contempt is not going to make him answer the (Na)16 Batman! shirt they want him to. This is nothing more than a smaller version of collusion. Democrats cannot stand the fact they came up empty on their witch-hunt, so now they're gonna go after anyone that even hints at knowing and liking Trump.

It is highly imperative to note that such is the significance of the aforementioned distortion in any shape or form will result in catastrophic ramification to which will be outcome epic proportion. So regarding this matter, I choose to remain quiet coz I actually have nothing to say.

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