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Grinch Fuck You breast Cancer shirt

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It would be akin to him specifically blaming you for the shooting that took place at Sandy Hook because you live in the United States. Is this the nation of youngsters that are included in Trump’s campaign of making America great again? Kids are set by example. Violence upon violence, racism, white supremacy. Most of the Grinch Fuck You breast Cancer shirt happens in high schools and the shooters are teenagers. Those kids are America’s future. If these issues are not being addressed now..then this kind of trend will go on.

Condolences for the victim's family and it is sad that the stabber, didn’t feel guilty. If he doesn’t feel the wrongness of his doing then how will he learned about feeling remorseful and humble. There’s no greatness in this only sorrows. More concerned about their prominence on media than helping a dying man, so self-obsessed.

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