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Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself Ugly Christmas Sweater 

ANNOUNCE!!! Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself Ugly Christmas Sweater is now available at Kingteesshop.


Russ Bischoff that's why the Democrats are pushing gun control so hard. If Hillary had won it would already be in place. As long as we remain an armed society their plan will not work. Obama signed the NATO small arms agreement but the Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself Ugly Christmas Sweater would not ratify it. He had NATO on standby to start gun registration and eventual confiscation. Scott Snell lol so this guy knew he was gonna be in trouble so gave him a platform in the hopes of painting him as some innocent guy with good intentions. This is at their best. Scott Snell Monroe's new it's really bad when a president becomes vindictive and goes after political enemies that are called a dictatorship.

The Trumpian party aka former republican party just totally owned and disrespected a congressional hearing ultimately overseen by Pelosi's congress. These are the facts and they were witnessed by the world today. Just image if Hillary would have won none of the things would come out oh I'm so grateful for my President to drain that swamp.

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