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Santa HR Human Resources Diamond Christmas shirt

ANNOUNCE!!! Santa HR Human Resources Diamond Christmas shirt is now available at Kingteesshop.


His own words and he want to run for office and people will vote for him, so this mess will never end, looking at him and his anger and outburst you can tell he is hiding something, that is why they don't want theses hearing so the public can see their true character smh what a disgrace, wake up people open your eyes vote to fix this 2020. The Santa HR Human Resources Diamond Christmas shirt of not standing up to this behavior is a degradation in the democratic process. The disrespect for the rule of law. The disrespect of our system and branches of government. Corey’s display today is everything that’s wrong with this administration.

If you don't have any obligation, to tell the truth to the media then how in the hell are you going to be running for Senate in New Hampshire? Because you're going to be talking to the media a lot and you're going to continue to lie to the media that means you are lying to the people of New Hampshire let's get real here that's a dumb answer you gave and it's going to catch up with you Cory.

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