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Deadpool Santa Hat Ugly Christmas Sweater

ANNOUNCE!!! Deadpool Santa Hat Ugly Christmas Sweater is now available at Kingteesshop.


Fran DeSantis This could only happen when a Rogue President is in Power. One who is Narcissistic and believes he knows better than the CIA, the Generals, and The FBI and anyone else. He does not follow protocol. He does not know how to Govern. He does not act like a President in accordance with the Deadpool Santa Hat Ugly Christmas Sweater. His actions are more in line with a Demagogue or a Dictator he expects total adulation, and Loyalty to himself instead of to the country. Hinders the law by giving immunity to his loyal puppets. Fires those that disagree with him.

The Republican Congress primarily the Senate are complicit for allowing him to go amuck. The question is why? When did they become spineless? If impeachment would pass in the House, the Spineless Senate would Vote against the impeachment. Yes, we are vulnerable as a country Trump has alienated our allies and is chummy to Russia and North Korea.

You can see the official design here: Deadpool Santa Hat Ugly Christmas Sweater


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