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Woman Yelling At Cat Meme Ugly Christmas Sweater

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Yes, I said hired. The president nominates and BY and with the ADVICE and CONSENT of the Senate, he is hired by the same Senate. Think for a moment what the repercussions of that. Kavanaugh was pushed through to be another conservative judge on the Woman Yelling At Cat Meme Ugly Christmas Sweater Court. Whether he deserved it or not didn't matter. This was Trump's promise to his loyal base and that's what was important. Shame on the Republican Senate that allowed this man to be on the Supreme Court. Everything says that he definitely was not worthy. He is a seriously mentally disturbed criminal and it’s time for justice.

This brings up the question of the validity of the confirmation process. Article 2, Section 2 makes no mention of confirmation hearings or anything remotely related to it. These hearing never existed prior to 1916 and were only brought into existence to provide cover to senators who were reluctant to hire a Jewish Supreme Justice.

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