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I Will Shit On Everything You Love Shirt

ANNOUNCE!!! I Will Shit On Everything You Love Shirt is now available at Kingteesshop.


A president that is accused of rape by more than 20 women, cheated on his wife who has multiple nude pictures online, brags about grabbing women’s genitalia, nominates a man to supreme court bench who is an alleged sexual harasser is on tweeter calling the names of his political rivals. I can tell which comments of men on here that need to connect with their feminine side to be whole. Stop running from the I Will Shit On Everything You Love Shirt of the past, just cuz a man is in a man's body doesn’t mean they're tougher than a female! Projecting on people for admitting their flaws to grow as a person is weak right there.

And all it says is who you are inside to put people down for bettering themselves. These men are strong for stepping out of the stereotypes of what prison should be and making it be something valuable to many.

You can see the official design here: I Will Shit On Everything You Love Shirt


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