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HBTFD Athens Sweater 

ANNOUNCE!!! HBTFD Athens Sweater is now available at Kingteesshop.


It's rich when supposed 'cures' for cancer, i.e. chemotherapy, etc are promoted when said treatments statistically actually end up killing countless people every year, but the pills are still being dished out simply because of its a multibillion-dollar industry. Modern oncology has to be one of the HBTFD Athens Sweater negligent sections of healthcare simply because it bows to the whims of corporations, and I say that as someone who works in health research. Yes, it's dangerous to trust youtube videos, especially on health issues. There are some registered doctors in Chennai who claim and practice medicine by posting on YouTube. The doctor in question claims they can cure diabetes with no medicine but with altered diets.

This has had horrific results. Some of the people are struggling to come out of the effects of altered diets. It's truly dangerous. There should be some regulatory mechanism for posting on YouTube. But then Facebook and YouTube are tòo large an organization. BBC started the video also mentioning turmeric as being one of the fake suggestions for cancer cure.

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