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Cariveau Native Bee Lab Shirt

ANNOUNCE!!! Cariveau Native Bee Lab Shirt is now available at Kingteesshop.


The more scientists discover, the more obvious it becomes that they really know nothing. The little knowledge humans have gathered about the universe is probably the tiniest drop in a bucket far too big for us to imagine. The most brilliant of all brilliant humans is most likely, in the Cariveau Native Bee Lab Shirt scheme of things, completely clueless. Mock all you but there is a being of superior intellect who designed it all.  The New Socialist Democratic party of the US is here. This country will never ever be a Socialist Country. This is the last place that you can fulfill your dreams.


For those who want Socialism, you guys can move to any of the available failed Socialist countries just for a month. Then let us know if you are so happy with lining up to buy your food and practice Dumpster diving as you will need it. Btw don't forget toilet paper as you will use your hands or leaves to wipe your behind.

You can see the official design here: Cariveau Native Bee Lab Shirt


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