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Right Matters For 2020 Shirt

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The president didn't call all these people rapists and drug dealers. What he's saying is we got them coming across the border as well and we do. This is what happens when you watch the mainstream media and they just like to take part in what he says and twist it around. These people are not being separated on their families most of them are using children to get across the Right Matters For 2020 Shirt and they don't even belong to that child. Human Smugglers smuggling children across the border. Then we have human Smugglers on this side of the border that is claiming these children.

We need to pray for these children I'm sure that many of them are scared. That person should turn around and go back to their child if they don't and they just leave their child and try to get into America we don't need that kind of a person here anyway that would just leave their child.

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