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Great New England Patriots The Boogeymen shirt

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Crossing the border outside of a port of entry. They break the law, they get arrested. It’s no different for any other offense. You clowns need to wake up to reality. No, I don’t like Trump and liked Obama much more, but face the facts. Wake up and get out of the Great New England Patriots The Boogeymen shirt. You’re being lied to. I did a bit of researching. From ABC on June 26, 2014: President Obama says tens of thousands of Central American children flooding into the U.S. along the southern border have created a humanitarian crisis, and he appealed directly to parents to stop sending kids north.

Diane Reardon, so you are saying in your comment that the Obama administration exercised racial profile. Hailed and separated families based on assumptions and suspicions because of their Latin race coming from Mexico? There would be no proof at that point of crimes. Do you know what is a crime.

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