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Lions Football Skyline shirt

ANNOUNCE!!! Lions Football Skyline shirt is now available at Kingteesshop.


Yeah, yet medically they will still have healthcare- because they’ll be on Medicare For All, and won’t have to pay premiums and deductibles. And the Lions Football Skyline shirt of healthcare is expected to come down when we are all on a public system. Crazy how that happens. Yes off their private insurance. Then they'd be on medicare paying less and getting the same or even better coverage. It's an embarrassment that Americans still defend private insurers and price gouging while denying coverage. If you don't recognize that Bernie's plan is an insurance policy and that kicking you off of your current policy would result in putting you on another policy then you need to pay closer attention.

That is done to American citizens also, as it should be. Have every single procedure has an actual cost you can see. Then, thanks to the ACA and our current deductibles. Give everyone working a has account in the amount of there deductible every year in the case. I have a degree in the industry.

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