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Guns Christmas Tree Shirt 

ANNOUNCE!!! Guns Christmas Tree Shirt is now available at Kingteesshop.


You know, as we do with the patch and nicotine gum. Pete Shulver you haven't a clue what the warships actually represent or are capable of, another pro Europe snowflake I imagine, won't matter if we have an NHS or anything else if we can't show military strength in today's world, no national pride in this country anymore, just snowflakes and mommy's boys. Ian Phillips large Navy and blue water navy aren't the same things. I'm also well aware of the importance of navy and Air force interaction. None of which changes the Guns Christmas Tree Shirt that an aircraft carrier without any flight assets is useless. But sure, carry on and Rule Britannia.

Someday it will even have airplanes. But not a catapult to launch them at full weapons and fuel capacity. Oh well. Typical of British compromise on weapons systems since the '50s, ambitious plans, not enough money to carry them out.

You can see the official design here: Guns Christmas Tree Shirt


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