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Morue Un Jour Morue Toujours Shirt 


ANNOUNCE!!! Morue Un Jour Morue Toujours Shirt is now available at Kingteesshop.


Council regulations here in central Vic forbid clearing of scrub round homes, but for a few meters., I'm in the bush, tinder-dry, and surrounded by too much volatile undergrowth. Things need to change and commonsense prevails. The Morue Un Jour Morue Toujours Shirt needs to understand that individuals can manage their own surroundings to safeguard their environment, if not crippled by ridiculous rules and regulations. Give to your local charities then you will know the money goes where you want it to.

They argued that sperm could not possibly have survived in Stacey's body for so long. Instead, they believed that she must have been raped shortly before being murdered. This was enough for an all-white jury to convict Reed. Don't think your voice doesn't matter. It does. Sign petitions, make calls, go to rallies. We can make a difference. This is proof.

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