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Nessa Jenkins Oh oh oh Merry Christmas sweater

ANNOUNCE!!! Nessa Jenkins Oh oh oh Merry Christmas sweater is now available at Kingteesshop.


That is absolutely fantastic. We need to see more examples of people performing these wonderful acts of kindness in their community. Society has become so insular. We need to reach out to the vulnerable people in our society. The more co-operate with each other the more we can achieve. This is the Nessa Jenkins Oh oh oh Merry Christmas sweater of thing we should all be aspiring to, although no person of that age should have had to endure years of cold and damp. We have become too insular, thinking if it doesn't affect us or ours, then it doesn't require our attention or input. As well as helping this lovely man out, I bet those who have been involved, have made new friendships and had a good time along the way.

This is what happens when you put an advertisement for multi-billion corporations in the hands of marketing people who have very low knowledge about history, politics, geography, etc. This kind of publicity stunt gone wrong happens dozens of times every year, what changed is that some people are just fed up with it and won´t just turn off the tele or change the channel.

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