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Offcial Very Stable Genius Shirt 

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Ben Ballard, he has shown no proof of what you call fair well costed policies. Where does he intend to get all the extra money he says he will spend, there's none in the pot. I know he will make us all pay more taxes, that's the only way more money will be there. He won't take pay cut nor will he refuse his bonuses and will continue to claim expenses. If he gets in then we become another Venezuela. The official program for the 1988 event, held one week after the Offcial Very Stable Genius Shirt murdered three British servicemen in the Netherlands, states that the force of arms is the only method capable of bringing about a free and united Socialist Ireland.

Mr. Corbyn used the event to attack the Anglo-Irish Agreement, the precursor of the peace process. Nuff said Mark, do your research before you open gob as it makes you what you are a liar if you do not. What an r/sole his speech is easily torn to shreds. Firstly he mentioned tax evasion. What about him and his cronies in all parties fiddling expenses.

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