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Bull-Schiff Bullshifters Shirt 

ANNOUNCE!!! Bull-Schiff Bullshifters Shirt is now available at Kingteesshop.


If it’s a lie then he can call it How he sees it! The media is in charge of this uproar! You refuse to discuss anything and go after nothing and continue to tells stories that even our intelligence being some of the Bull-Schiff Bullshifters Shirt in the world keeps coming up empty-handed. But you all are still wound up n mad and seemingly forgetting that that haven’t filed an official impeachment because there is NO there any mother fuking where! The democratic leaders and fake news media have ruined democracy by this resistance. I mean I feel like if Hillary was arrested and put in prison you’d pitch a fit. He was also working on brand awareness.

This is about a Democratic Party who can’t accept they lost and that we have a president that keeps his promises and they can’t control. This is about them trying to exact revenge on hearsay from a disgruntled employee. I am tired as a taxpayer for footing their bill. Then America can right itself in 2020. I just want a leader, not a lying rude mean dirty con

You can see the official design here: Bull-Schiff Bullshifters Shirt

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