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Ferrets Wanted for multiple crimes involving shirt 

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The right is just as afraid and horrified about the prospect of a Democrat, socialist or otherwise becoming president. Hopefully, Republican voters vote more than once to keep up with the corrupt plan I'm sure the Ferrets Wanted for multiple crimes involving shirt have in mind. They have basically become what they pretended to hate. They're racist, intolerant, fascist and violent. Of course, they pick soft targets. This division is wide and I'm afraid there is no going back to a peaceful middle ground. He became president despite democrat and mainstream media deceit and voter fraud, and deep state criminal activities.

I did not realize how corrupt the democrat party was until 2016. Democrat elected officials continually make the, no one is above the law states and then continue to try to create a crime to charge our President with. In the meantime, they refuse to prosecute Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and any number of deep state operatives from the Obama administration.

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