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All I Want For Christmas Is ACDC Ugly Sweater

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All you people are so concerned about the transcript and none of you care why Biden's son made 50,000 a month at a job in Ukraine and yet, he had no experience. If we're going to hash things out then let's not leave Biden and his low life son out. They want you to focus on baseless news about Trump and forget about Biden's son's wealth in the All I Want For Christmas Is ACDC Ugly Sweater business deals. Think of it this way. You go to work and are compensated with a paycheck. Transaction complete. An athlete goes to work playing for the college, making them millions, and they are compensated with an education. Transaction complete.

James Richard Owens. Let’s start by indicting Schiff. He has lied to Congress and the American people. They changed the rules before their impeachment was brought up. Pelosi knew what the call was before they released it. She is a wicked person. We must protect our president against evil.

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