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Flamingos Merry Christmas leopard plaid sweater

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This a social problem, not racism. What can a bus monitor do to stop the fight when lawsuit-happy parents are just waiting to see if school personnel lay so much as a hand on their kid. There is a culture of people misusing the Flamingos Merry Christmas leopard plaid sweater system and something has to be done about it. Schools are already understaffed. Yet, they are somehow expected to keep kids apart when they come from violent and dysfunctional homes. Maybe, in this case, the girl was minding her own business and was being bullied. In many cases, both parties are antagonizing each other and fight to break out.

If the bus monitor did in fact witness what occurred, and did nothing to stop it, then he/she should be held accountable as well. Also, children aren’t born into this world with hatred in their hearts. Racism and hate are learned behavior, oftentimes first instilled in the home environment.

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