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Jerry Makes me drink Shirt

ANNOUNCE!!! Jerry Makes me drink Shirt is now available at Kingteesshop.


Well, how utterly selfish of them. It's not all about them and their baby. Other people have lives and considerations as well. Nothing worse than being trapped on a long haul flight with a kid screaming its head off and a mom who is content to just let them scream themselves to sleep. I love this feature by Japan airlines. A lot of airlines already have the Jerry Makes me drink Shirt icon on seat maps at the bulkhead so this would mostly apply to short-haul flights. JAL does a lot of long hauls so this only would apply for the few that do a book on JAL and not via a third party who does not have a bassinet seat.

The icon won’t show for those who book 3rd parties and have a child under two. If you think that your opinion is better than everybody else’s and everybody else should just put up with what you think they should, you’re the problem.

You can see the official design here: Jerry Makes me drink Shirt


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