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Trumpkin Is The Best Pie Meaning Shirt

ANNOUNCE!!! Trumpkin Is The Best Pie Meaning Shirt is now available at Kingteesshop.


Lady, get over yourself. It seems you’re part of the problem, I have a baby so it’s cool to annoy everyone around me. When my child was small, if we were out and he started wailing, I’d step outside. Now, one can’t step off a plane, but as the Trumpkin Is The Best Pie Meaning Shirt, I would have appreciated this setup so I could be certain I’d annoy people as little as possible. I don’t want to be around kids period much less one screaming on a plane. Yeah, I’m understanding. But that doesn’t mean I have to sit right next to you if I have the option not too.

I had to fly with my infant for my mom's funeral. My kid cried and didn’t sit still and that memory of me being apologetic on top of the grief is etched in my soul. I love this new ability to let people avoid infants and I hope it works the other way too. Maybe there are kind souls who would love to sit by one.

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