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Matt Riddle Stallion Battalion Authentic Shirt

ANNOUNCE!!! Matt Riddle Stallion Battalion Authentic Shirt is now available at Kingteesshop.


But if you use an egg and/or uterus to grow a child you are its mother. If you donated sperm to the cause this makes you the father. This is simple, basic science. Dude, you're the mother, sorry man, that's the Matt Riddle Stallion Battalion Authentic Shirt it is. I bet if I met him, he's just another regular Joe who happens to have a uterus. It doesn't affect the quality of my life whatsoever if he wants to be referred to as a dad. As long as he doesn't scientifically misrepresent himself, he can carry himself however he wants in social settings. That said, he shouldn't expect other dads to relate when he goes through menopause.

I’m all for being true to you but you can’t go that extra mile and get legally recognized as male, to just go and use the parts that make women, women. It’s that whole having your cake and eating it too thing. Unless you are legally recognized as a seahorse, men do not carry or birth babies. Pick a lane.

You can see the official design here: Matt Riddle Stallion Battalion Authentic Shirt


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