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This is not just a travesty to democracy and a desecration of the flag, national statutes and values and demagoguery of the highest disorder. You can take this to the bank. The only mistakes made were by the democrats and liberal media who thought no way would he release the transcripts. So let's be honest here, the Nana We Love You Shirt of the transcript put a halt on the narrative they were going for. If there was anything in that report, Adam Schiff wouldn't feel the need to read parody lies into the record to start off a congressional counter intelligence hearing.

I don’t care which lane, you do you, but just pick one. Feeding lies and garbage to the already lost Dem voters is like causing a further aggravated assault to a man who has already passed out. Seriously this nonsense will dissipate the Dems further that is why all they do is an insult and institutionalize gossip nationally.

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