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Pittsburgh Finished It 20-13 Final Shirt 

ANNOUNCE!!! Pittsburgh Finished It 20-13 Final Shirt is now available at Kingteesshop.


Years ago when I was young, my mum always rented bungalows in Jaywick it was a gorgeous beach beautiful little town and lovely little places to rent, we came up from London and always rented for 6 weeks, have loads of pictures of us as kids being on the beach, what a shame over the Pittsburgh Finished It 20-13 Final Shirt it has run down so badly. We even went back when we were adults and saw this happening, sorry to see, it had so much to give with a wonderful promenade, wonderful sandy beach, it needs some help, so close to London and Clacton on Sea, that seems to survive.

I know people that go and as I’ve said many a time, it’s each to their own but if it’s still pretty much the same as it was 2yrs ago, I’d give it a miss but thank you. Alistair Kirk I’ve seen your comments all over here, get a grip on yourself! I believe it because I’ve been there myself.

You can see the official design here: Pittsburgh Finished It 20-13 Final Shirt

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