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Look In Your Shirt And Spell Attic Shirt

ANNOUNCE!!! Look In Your Shirt And Spell Attic Shirt is now available at Kingteesshop.


As long as local governments will be short of money not much will change. The central government has a major role to play and for the last few all we see is Brexit and cuts. We need to see complete and complex changes to local policies, tax reliefs and local and centra initiatives. The Look In Your Shirt And Spell Attic Shirt way to eradicate poverty is free higher education and well-paid apprenticeships, giving our children the qualifications they need to succeed as adults. The incorrect idea of 'work hard and you will succeed' is a myth and an evil thing to teach children currently living in either poverty or destitution.

Unfortunately due to England being an Island a lot of the beach areas are in the middle of nowhere and not in the general line of traffic/traded going around the country. Blackpool is a prime example of this. The only reason why you would turn off the road to go there would be if you want to visit it.

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