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Danny DeVito I Stand With Planned Parenthood Shirt 

ANNOUNCE!!! Danny DeVito I Stand With Planned Parenthood Shirt is now available at Kingteesshop.


Didn't they assassinate Dr. David Kelly for telling truth about the lack of weapons in Iraq and the humbug for me was more how the f..k is it my fault your getting death threats. They are holding up what the people voted for and stopping the government doing anything. My language would be worse if I was shouted at all day with fake stalling tactics. For me, her and jo Swanson looked like they were blinking to induce tears like when you're a kid welling up in the Danny DeVito I Stand With Planned Parenthood Shirt being told off desperate for those tears to come out so you can half fake it. If you Remainers think the upper-class Tories are angry wait till get yourselves into working-class areas and knock on some doors.

For everything else, you wouldn't bother. It makes it tough these days since we took away the seasides fishing industry. My sympathies go out to Blackpool. It was a place going back to the late sixties and seventies my late mum and dad took me and my sis on holiday twice a year year after year.

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