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Seagulls Stop It Now Shirt 

ANNOUNCE!!! Seagulls Stop It Now Shirt is now available at Kingteesshop.


Jud Garforth sounds like you had great parents and you're carrying on the legacy. Unfortunately, not everyone is so lucky. They are the ones that worry me, the ones with parents who were fed societal norms and who will go on to feed the Seagulls Stop It Now Shirt societal norms to their own children. While many of us have evolved beyond that, there are still far too many people living in the dark ages when it comes to societal change. Lawrence Graney kids see both sets of shelves and believe me they let you know what they want. My little girl loves everything pink and shiny but she also loves climbing trees and getting muddy.

Eight years later and about to go to high school and she still only wears pink and purple. Her home life could not have been more supportive of her love of blue, she is a high achiever academically and in sport. But that's the power of the stereotype, and it is naive to believe otherwise.

You can see the official design here: Seagulls Stop It Now Shirt

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