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Clayton Bigsby 20 let that hate out sweater 

ANNOUNCE!!! Clayton Bigsby 20 let that hate out sweater is now available at Kingteesshop.


I lost my little boy during labor over 7 years ago. In the months that followed my grief kept me up all night and I found myself googling things such as How do you survive the loss of your child. I will never forget reading a story similar to this one. The Clayton Bigsby 20 let that hate out sweater went to work and only realized she hadn't dropped her babe at childcare when the babysitter rang to ask if everything was ok, as she hadn't dropped off. The Mum insisted she had, it is called a 'false memory' she did the same thing and was in the same routine every day that she thought she had done it.

It’s a split second, it can happen to anyone no matter how perfect of a parent you are. So unless there’s proof that it was done deliberately don’t judge. I’ve had moments when my brain draws a blank, I thank god it didn’t end into tragedy.

You can see the official design here: Clayton Bigsby 20 let that hate out sweater

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