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I like your balls Christmas Sweater

ANNOUNCE!!! I like your balls Christmas Sweater is now available at Kingteesshop.


It must be nice to get help from police on anything. A drunk run his truck through my kitchen and ran. He left the I like your balls Christmas Sweater truck to be towed. The police told me they were to busy to go after the guy and arrest him. Next time I need a tie tied I will be sure to stop and ask a policeman. If that’s big enough news to post on I might not want to bother them. The IG looked into the whistleblower and found that he had some political bias for a Democratic candidate running.

He didn't say which one. So he must have already interviewed the whistleblower. Or saw his notes etc. I would imagine after tomorrow and when the President releases the Transcripts vindicating himself that it will just piss off the Democrats even more and they will end up creating another delusional narrative and will end up running with it.

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