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Shut Up I’m Doing Gamechanger Shirt

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Today, Pelosi did it herself, alone to save her members to cast a vote on impeachment so House Democrats up for re-election don't have a record on voting for impeachment. She's a coward. She knows that this other witch hunt is going nowhere. History was made tonight. One member calling for an impeachment investigation. Later Biden himself intervened to help his son earn millions of dollars. Even one Ukrainian officer was fired on the request of Biden. This scandal appeared in the Uranian media at the Shut Up I’m Doing Gamechanger Shirt. More Fake News. 1974 with Nixon and 1998 with Clinton, the full House of Representatives took a vote to open a vote for an impeachment investigation.

Lol, Thank you, Pelosi. You just re-elected Trump tonight. Since when is it treason to ask a government to look into Vice President Biden threatening to withhold funds if they didn’t fire a prosecuted investigating his son.

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