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Official Don’t Mess With Nancy Shirt

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I think some of the Soros people are expressing concern for the sovereignty of the parliament. I am afraid that they have not given enough thought to the fact that parliament gets its sovereignty from the people. It has been pretty clear of late, that the Official Don’t Mess With Nancy Shirt has been hijacked by the rebel MPs and they've also made a law that goes against the will of the people i.e. a complete exit out of the EU institutions. On top of that, the new PM was elected by the people on a mandate to deliver Brexit by 31st.

Proroguing parliament may have more than one reason that the PM may not want to disclose. That shouldn't make him liable for suspicion as long as he is set on the course of delivering the will of the people. We've been taught that it is better to do nothing than to do something that could hurt.

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