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Seagulls Stop It Now Ugly Christmas Sweater

ANNOUNCE!!! Seagulls Stop It Now Ugly Christmas Sweater is now available at Kingteesshop.


And what a joke they are making fun of Chandrayaan 2 whose MPs say why to go to the moon when we can see it. And moreover see who are boycotting, and who is reporting explains everything, radical Islamic terror. I wonder if the Seagulls Stop It Now Ugly Christmas Sweater can even declare a religion a terrorist. Forget America, Japan, where it killed two hundred thousand people, just to show their cowardice, it does not remember Palestine that their country. Did he forget Afghanistan, where he made 300,000 Muslims first Mujahideen or declared them terrorists and then bombed houses there and Used the mother of bombs or I believe that the terrorist and treacherous countries of the United States are not in the region of this world.

That's why every sane human being must move heaven & earth in bringing the Kashmir issue & true horrendous Indian PM Hitler Modi face to the limelight. Can the UK revoke the autonomous status of Northern Ireland against the will of the latter's people.

You can see the official design here: Seagulls Stop It Now Ugly Christmas Sweater


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