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Don’t Mess With Me! Nancy Pelosi Shirt

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The cost of paying for hotels etc rose with poor exchange rates, rising overheads. If you are a large firm the cost becomes bigger to absorb. I feel for the staff. I feel for those who have significant life events booked. Those who will miss family funerals. On a personal level, my family will lose out too for a flight. Alison Bryan, I note the Don’t Mess With Me! Nancy Pelosi Shirt faced response to my last comment. You might not like it, but it remains perfectly true. One of the most important skills of the entrepreneur is to recognize, themes, trends, and patterns in the economy and morph the business model accordingly in order to survive.

Twas ever thus. Twill ever be. Adam Teach is spot on. Steve Harrison if every other travel and hospitality business goes bust in England then I’ll join you in your assessment that Brexit is the cause. The reality is that even Alison said that Cook was floundering before Brexit

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