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 Walmart Cocaine Santa Let It Snow Christmas Sweater 

ANNOUNCE!!! Walmart Cocaine Santa Let It Snow Christmas Sweater is now available at Kingteeshirt.


How many people do you think to die every year from cigarette-related lung problems? A staggering amount. But somehow we are hearing about this vaping problem like it is an actual epidemic. It actually isn't. Think about the Walmart Cocaine Santa Let It Snow Christmas Sweater of people who Vape. Only a handful of people have been sick from it. Even fewer have died. That is only bc they made bad choices in what they vaped. The media is blowing this up into a problem that it actually isn't. I suspect the tobacco companies are funding the hysteria.

Matt Schultheis try to keep up. IF President Obama had told the meter maid to ignore a jaywalker he would have been lynched by the Republicans. These people who are being told that they are protected by the Squatter have already testified. Privilege is not something that they or the Squatter can claim.

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