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Walmart Cocaine Santa Let it snow shirt

ANNOUNCE!!! Walmart Cocaine Santa Let it snow shirt is now available at Kingteeshirt.


So Boris did not act illegally proroguing is a normal process and it was only shut for an extra 5 days. So the Walmart Cocaine Santa Let it snow shirt will find in his favor. My own view this silly Brexit farce was started partly over concerns for Immigration and supposedly taking back control. Since 1994 over 3 and a half million immigrants have come in of which 845,890 have solely been EU nationals so what was Brexit for? Even now as we speak illegals are being welcomed on our shore? Since we joined the EU markets have changed. The people who voted in that Referendum were on two camps.

The jingoistic like Rees Mogg and the other end were the misinformed, working classes and mostly welfare recipients. I should know to come from Wales since 89% of these voted for Brexit. All those grants Wales has received will dry up. Who will pay their welfare now the hard-working Poles are no l8nger allowed to come over.

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