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Harry Potter My Patronus Is A Cat Shirt

ANNOUNCE!!! Harry Potter My Patronus Is A Cat Shirt is now available at Kingteeshirt.

Those democrats that run as conservatives or moderates are liars that institute crazy liberal schemes. Please stop calling it a buyback, it's called confiscation. Dems really need to stop following Hitler's gun control policies. You want to lower gun crime, maximum sentences for all crimes committed using guns including the Harry Potter My Patronus Is A Cat Shirt penalty. Rifles are only responsible for about 5% of all gun homicides. That's all styles of rifles, not just AR and AK style rifles. Only two people I don't want to see in the White House after the next election: DJT or O'Rourke. Yeah, I get it. "Very courageous statement and all that BS.

Duh, they keep running crazy liberals with wild fantasies as policies. First, they want to stop illegal immigration then they want open borders. They want socialism. Free this and free that. Radical changes to our Constitution. And Taxes taxes taxes. These people are nuts.

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