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Holy With A Hint Of Hood Shirt 

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I don't get how they can say that Boris lied to the queen. For starters he didn't go to Balmoral and ask her majesty to shut down parliament, the privy council did and that remains confidential as do all private conversations with the queen so this idea that Boris lied to her is nonsense. If the High Court rules that the approval from the Holy With A Hint Of Hood Shirt was unlawful, it will mean troubles. In fact, the rule that Great-Britain is from that moment onwards a Republic. In that case, I think that the left-wing politicians are causing a Civil War supported by that Silly Lib Dem chairman who thinks she can lead the country.

The High Court is not allowed to rule over a political judgment which could course the end of the Royal Kingdom. Sadly there's a good chance the court will decide that even if the Prime Minister did lie to the Queen about his reasons, it has no right to reverse the prorogation. Which is why we need to change the law so this can't be done again.

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