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Derek Dietrich Shirt LET IT FLY! DD22 Shirt

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If they seriously look at the platform and CONservative tendencies in CONservative provinces led by CON premiers they may want to reconsider a vote for the CONs. If Scheer gets in it would be devastating to Canada as a nation. The Derek Dietrich Shirt LET IT FLY! DD22 Shirt are espousing divisive and oftentimes bigoted policies and attitudes. That is not who Canada is or has been. Our Republican friends laugh like loons whenever I make another plea for the leaders of this country to start building desalinization plants so there will be drinking water for future generations. They laugh and scoff as the seawater rises and the polar ice melts and the snowpack on mountain ranges all over our planet diminish which in turn causes a diminishing refill of the all-important aquifers.

How can it be right in a modern democracy that a PM can shut down Parliament whenever he wants, against the wishes of MPs, simply by talking to the Queen. Adele Thomas, you're right, but for completely wrong reasons. It's a political matter and not within the precincts of a judicial review.

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