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Yoda And Piccolo Your Father I Am Shirt 

ANNOUNCE!!! Yoda And Piccolo Your Father I Am Shirt is now available at Kingteeshirt.


What is within us equally present in you. CNN should know that it is the same country whose military raped, killed and threw the innocent southern citizens of Nepali origin into miserable refugee camps, and many of them are still living in the Yoda And Piccolo Your Father I Am Shirt camps. shame on Indian democracy who let this happen inside its belly button. So peculiar how Human beings begin off with a very good heart and end up worse than Hyenas. We are born very neutral and full of gratitude, love, and empathy.

But wait, shortly both of these Wonderful kids are going to find themselves In different societies, schools, Universities, States, etc one shall be exposed to socialist, religious, Evolutionists or capitalist ideas as Facts and the other to something else weirder, and Both shall and the next time they Meet it shall not be sweet viral hugs but the knuckles or bullets crackling.

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