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You And Me LFG Warren Shirt

ANNOUNCE!!! You And Me LFG Warren Shirt is now available at Kingteeshirt.


We need to remove all the carbon dioxide emissions and methane emissions that we humans have been putting into the atmosphere for hundreds of years now since the industrial revolution. Humans are smart and know there are greener cleaner ways to power our civilizations. These storms are becoming more deadly because of the You And Me LFG Warren Shirt of greenhouse gases on the climate. So pressure politicians to do something. I suggest they don’t rebuild. Use all the $ they’re getting to relocate to the main island or patriate to another country. Those smaller Abaco islands don’t stand a chance anymore. It’s only going to happen again and again.

We wouldn't have to constantly show images of two toddlers, Black/White hugging, a Black teenager sheltering an elderly White woman with his jacket in the rain, or two toddlers Black/White, who decided to fool their teacher by getting the same haircut, or saying there's no racism, because we've had a Black President.

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